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The first Strong Case was built in 1998. Since then, we’ve heard some amazing stories from our customers about what our cases have been through—and the equipment they’ve saved. We’d love to hear more stories like these. If you’ve got a tale to tell, please Contact Us at the link above and, with your permission, we’ll share it with the world.

Dear TnB Enterprises,

I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying your range box. It sure is nice these days to find something that was built with obvious quality and pride! Your boxes are functional works of art, that are built like a tank! Every need of the shooter, no matter how small, has been considered and addressed in your design. Everything should be built as well as you build your boxes. Thank you for providing shooters with such an outstanding accessory!


Alan Simkin
Halethorpe, Maryland


Just wanted to drop you a note for uncertain customers. Recently in the fall of 2011 my father and I went on a brown and black bear hunt in southeast Alaska. This trip started from the Hagerstown and Frederick MD areas flying out of BWI, to Chicago, Seatac, Juneau, Petersburg, and Wrangell airports. We changed airlines in Chicago so all luggage was to be transferred. This would reverse on our return trip with a layover in Seattle before transfering airlines in Chicago again. We both had taken your wheeled safari two gun case. Let me tell you this thing was packed to the gills with actually more things than I needed and all flew safe with no damage to the contents or the case. I guess when the TSA agent tells you that your gun case is the best he has seen you know that you should not worry about whats inside of it. I also have two of your smaller cases and everything is top quality. In closing I would like to say if you do not care about your investments put them in the other guys product. But if you want your big boy toys to be safe putem in the best STRONGCASE BY TNB.

A very happy customer,
Chuck Haislip
Frederick MD

I wanted to leave a review of this product but was not sure how to do so. I am very pleased with the Strong Case pistol box. it is very well made and it looks great. Plus, it is made in America if that matters to you. Seriously folks, this is a nice product. The old dudes at the range with the shooting boxes have the simulated vinyl all tore up and ratty looking will be jealous of me and my aluminum case with powder coat finish. This box will always look brand new. Hats off to Bullseye Gear too, as my order was processed and shipped the same day I ordered. I had my box and spotting scope within 2 days. Bullseye Gear was the first website that came up when I searched for pistol boxes, and then I wasted my time searching and comparing prices with other vendors. Don't waste your time like I did, just buy it from these guys.

Jesse Newgard
Laurens, Iowa

A Strong Case customer tells a story about getting off a plane in the bush of Africa (is that right?), excited for the hunting trip of a lifetime. Soon after the plane took off again, he discovered that his hunting bow was still aboard the plane. Fortunately, the group was able to radio the pilot before the plane got too far away.

As the story goes, the plane circled back but in an effort to save fuel and time, the pilot pushed the case out of the airplane from approximately 500 feet above the runway. Much to our customer’s surprise, the case was in amazingly good shape, and the bow sighted perfectly. The runway had seen better days though –the case had become embedded in the runway upon impact and created a sizable hole. 

“That is not my case,” argued one Strong Case customer to a baggage handler. The customer, who was treating his grandson to a trip to Africa, was unable to identify his own rifle case due to the effects of extreme travel conditions. He was proven wrong the moment the case was opened and he saw his very own rifle. As skeptical as he was about the rifle being in good working order and sighting correctly, it came out of the ordeal completely unscathed. As an added bonus, they had a great story to tell when they got home. 

In our own shop, a forklift accidentally took on a Strong Case—and the case won. Our forklift driver, who has been with our company for many years (and still is!), did not see the case, but stopped the forklift upon hearing the terrible racket it caused. As it turned out, the case had about a two-inch crease in it, but the weapon inside was completely unharmed. The case was restored to its former glory by Strong Case, and it’s still in use today. Now that’s a Strong Case.

I just received the Railroad Grip Case from UPS moments ago. I am very impressed with the quality of this case. This will make my life as an engineer a whole lot easier as I go train to train. I am sure some of my railroad brothers will want to know where I got this case. I will most certainly, be sending them in your direction.

Customer Order
My case arrived today. It's everything I expected and more. The construction quality and materials appear to be first-rate. The gun clamps are both clever and useful. This is exactly what I was looking for! Kind regards, Bryce Flynnbr

Endurance Test
SB Test
If you plan to do multiple trips to foreign countries carrying your prized possessions—Get a Strong Case! This particular case has scene 4 to 5 trips a year, around the world in a 14 year span.

Victor Z.
from Penn.

Strong Case SSA-5209
I used the SSA5209 Double Rifle Case on a recent trip to South Africa. The case worked flawlessly protecting my rifle and optics. Thanks for a great product. Best Regards,

Joe Gura
Perkasie, Penn.